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Technology-Use Mediation: Making Sense of Electronic Communication
in an Organizational Context

J.P. Bansler & E. Havn

Reference & Publication Year
Proceedings of Group’03, Sanibel Island, Florida, USA, November
9-12, 2003

This study analyzes how a group of ‘mediators’ in a large, multinational company adapted a computer-mediated
communication technology (a ‘virtual workspace’) to the local organizational context (and vice versa) by
modifying features of the technology, providing ongoing support for users, and promoting appropriate
conventions of use. Our findings corroborate earlier research on technology-use mediation, which suggests
that such mediators can exert considerable influence on how a particular technology will be established and
used in an organization. However, this study also indicates that the process of technology-use mediation is more
complex and indeterminate than earlier literature suggests. In particular, we want to draw attention to the fact
that advanced computer-mediated communication technologies are equivocal and that technology-use mediation
consequently requires ongoing sensemaking.