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Characterizing Interactive Web Applications - Findings from an Interdisciplinary Research Project

K. B. Bøving, S. Finken, D. Henriksen, J. K. Pors, H. W. Nicolajsen and L. Vogelsang

Reference & Publication Year
T. Cherkasky, J. Greenbaum, P. Mambrey, J. K. Pors (eds.): PDC 2000 - Proceedings of the Participatory Design Conference, New York, NY, USA, 2000

In this work-in-progress paper we discuss a research project investigating the design and use of Interactive Web Applications (IWAs). Based on existing literature and empirical studies of use practices, we have shaped a typology for categorizing typical characteristics of IWAs. The paper draws primarily on preliminary findings regarding IWA use in a Danish bank. The main aim of the paper is to establish a toolkit for interdisciplinary studies and comparisons of use and design of various IWAs.