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What is PharmoWeb? Multiple Levels of Inquiry in a Knowledge System.

D.L. Henriksen, H.W. Nicolajsen, J.K. Pors

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S. Bjørnestad et al.(eds.): Proceedings of the 24th Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia, Ulvik, vol. 1, pp. 495-508, 2001

This paper presents an empirical exploration of intranet technology in use in the departments and development projects of a multinational pharmaceutical company. The term knowledge system has been selected in order to grasp intranet technology as part of a practice rather than an application predefined in technical terms. Technologies, activities and people together constitute a sociotechnical knowledge system and have as such been investigated through interviews, document analysis, and observations. The purpose of the paper is to present the empirical material along with an analytical exploration of what
PharmoWeb is. The paper discusses four levels of inquiry, identified as; (1) appearance, (2) descriptions and visions of what PharmoWeb can do, (3) configuration and material set-up, and (4) use in practice. In the conclusion we argue that these levels together constitute what PharmoWeb is and must be taken into consideration to appreciate PharmoWeb's multiplicity and flexibility adequately.

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